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Payne Park Saved!

Payne descendant grateful for public support of park

“I appreciate the efforts to bring the Sarasota Orchestra downtown and it is obvious that many people desire the same.

I believe that all Americans deserve access to areas of natural beauty such as Payne Park, especially at a time when there is an epic dissociation with nature.

Thoreau said, ‘I should be glad if all the meadows on earth were left in a wild state, if that were the consequence of men’s beginning to redeem themselves.’

As a great-great-granddaughter of Calvin Payne, I felt honored to represent the family at this time. I am grateful for the overwhelming support that was shown by the citizens of Sarasota and Sarasota County.

Looking toward the future, I hope that the government of Sarasota will come to cherish Payne Park as much as the citizens of Sarasota do.”

May 6, 2019 City Commission Meeting

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“We don’t want or need a concrete, steel, and glass box covering 20% of the park, including a pond, desecrating the desperately needed green space in an otherwise urban environment.

The very least that we, as a community, can do is to respect the wishes of the Payne Family, who were gracious enough to donate their land to the city to be a FREE PUBLIC PARK, by keeping Payne Park FREE, GREEN, and PUBLIC! I’m pro orchestra and pro Payne Park but put the orchestra somewhere else!

We require green space for both physical and mental heath and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!”

James Portman
Hudson Park

May 20, 2019 City Commission Meeting

Hearing on Orchestra proposal begins at 6:06